TheChocolateWire Pitch Template
Use this form to enter the basic information for your press release. I will be in touch with you to a) get the images that are needed for the release, b) share how it will be formatted, and c) get your agreement that this meets expectations - no release will be sent out without explicit consent. Email addresses are being collected so you can edit the release after the initial submission if you need to.
Email address *
Media Contact Information
Enter the media contact information in this section
Media Contact Name(s) *
The name(s) of the person or persons to contact if a member of the press is interested in following up.
Media Contact Email Address(es)
Only enter if the email address(es) for the media contact(s) is different from the email address of the person who is filling in this form.
Media Contact Phone Number(s)
This is the phone number of the person or persons who should be contacted if a member of the media wants to follow up with you about this release. Phone numbers are not required, but are highly recommended to improve response rates. Phone numbers should be in the format +CountryCode (Area Code) ###-#### , e.g., +1 (212) 555-1212.
Website *
Please give the fully-qualified URL for the website an interested member of the media should visit.
Press Release Information
The following information will be used to prepare the body of the press release.
Release Timing *
Indicate if this is for immediate release (the next date in the twice-weekly release cycle) or if there is some other date you'd like to schedule the release for.
Headline *
The headline should be concise (minimum 50 maximum 80 characters for SEO), descriptive, and catchy.
Subhead *
The subhead should provide the key fact the release is about. It should should be between 80 and 120 characters for SEO purposes and for Twitter. (The Head and Subhead together may be used for social media promotion purposes.) The extra characters will be used for @mentions and #hashtags.
Body *
These are the essential facts of the release in prose form. The body should be between 300 and 500 words and written in the third person – e.g., using names not personal pronouns. I will work with you to rewrite as necessary but am expecting something substantive from which to begin.
Having at least on quote included in the release will increase reporter and reader interest. Very highly recommended but not required.
A minimum of one with a maximum of three to five is the sweet spot, but hashtags are not required. Please enter one hashtag per line, capitalized as you want it to appear, each preceded with the #.
Please give some highlights about your company. For example, when it was founded, what your focus is, any special info a reporting might want to know when revising the release.
Social Media Accounts
List any social media accounts you want mentioned in the release. Write the name of the service (Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest) followed by the @name of the account. For Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, use the full URL of the page, group, profile, or account.
The following information will be used for internal organizational purposes and will not appear in the release.
Release Type *
Select the release category. Releases should be focused on a single topic for effectiveness.
Image and Document Attachment Specifications
Up to 6 attachments can be included per release. These can be in .JPG and/or .PDF formats. Images should be between 720 and 1280 pixels in the short dimension and 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, or 16:9 aspect ratios. At least least one image should be a company logo and will be the primary (first) image for the release. The maximum size of any individual file is 2mb. There is no way to upload those images here. They should be emailed to after you submit this form.
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