Book Signing or Event Request
You have recently requested a book event with our bookshop.
Please fill out this online form with regard to our event scheduling.
We customarily charge a $50 dollar fee for use of the designated space for the appearance.
The proceeds of book sales are on a sliding scale and we will discuss this prior to an agreement.
During your event, we will continue to serve other patrons of the establishment.
Generally, we allocate a time frame of between one and two hours. Depending on turnout and other factors, this period is also flexible.
Please contact us with further questions or documentation if necessary.
We will respond to your submission as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for considering your event at our shop.
As always, our space is limited, as is staffing. If we are unable to host your event, please recognize that this is not a reflection on your work, but simply because of OUR constraints.

Thanks for choosing Wellington Square Bookshop!

Sam Hankin, Owner
Angella Meanix,Fulfillment/Store Co-Manager
Mimi Liberi, Retail Buyer/Store Co-Manager
Wellington Square Bookshop
549 Wellington Square
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