Sonic Hacking Contest - Themed Trophies
People have wanted them back for a while. So let's do something about it so they return in 2022.
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SHC used to have themed trophies for contest winners, rather than standard names.

For example, Hidden Palace was first place. Most entertaining / fun entry submitted was the Casinopolis Trophy.

In an attempt to make things easier to understand, we scrapped the themed names for SHC 2019.

However, people have asked for them to be returned for a few years, and it has been something that was on the back burner, as we corrected other aspects of the SHC to improve upon prior years. For example, 2021 brought a complete judging split.

So now we want to bring the themed trophies back, but rather than spend months trying to come up with new or returning names, we're leaving it to the public, to give us their best suggestions. We will take them into consideration.

2022 will continue with the Retro, 3D and 2DPC categories, and we will be looking for themed trophies for every category.

You can suggest as many or as little trophy suggestions as you want, just fill out the form again for the trophy names.

We will also be introducing a few new trophies, some returning from previous contests, others being new creations.
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