Asian Faculty and Staff Caucus of the UNC System
Dear Colleagues,

My name is Dr. Anthony Chow, an associate professor at UNCG and also Chair of UNCG's Faculty Senate and a member of the UNC System Faculty Assembly executive committee. I have been working with both our faculty senate at UNCG and also the system wide faculty assembly to draft an anti-Asian violence and racism statement. This formal statement should be coming out soon. Here is the draft statement:

In constructing this statement, however, it has become clear to me that we need to better organize ourselves as Asian faculty and staff so that we can come together in times like these to share stories, ideas, and collaborate on how best to support one another and take positive and assertive steps forward.

Please fill out the following form if you are willing to help form/join an Asian Faculty and Staff Caucus of the UNC System. Collectively, we will serve as a more formal voice on behalf all Asian faculty and staff and can increasingly collaborate to figure out together a pathway forward.

At the very least, you will be added to a listserv, so that we can keep you informed of what is happening and/or for calls to action as needed.

Many thanks,


p.s. As of 4/30/21, we are 122 strong representing 13 UNC institutions (UNCG, NCCU, NCSSM, NCSU, UNCP, ECU, ECSU, UNCW, WCU, UNCSA, ASU, UNCC, and UNC-CH) so far.
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Thoughts around current xenophobia and violence towards Asians in the United States and what we should do about it.
Do you have any personal stories of racism, violence, microaggressions etc. you or your family/friends have experienced that you wish to share at this time? All will be kept confidential and anonymous.
Do you support the idea of forming an Asian Caucus to represent the best interests of Asian faculty and staff within the UNC System?
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Would you be willing to serve with me as an officer/leader of this newly formed caucus? Note: we are just forming but it should not be too time consuming on an annual basis. You may be asked to represent the caucus from time to time at meetings, interviews, etc.
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Please share any other final comments or thoughts on how best we, as Asian faculty and staff of the UNC System, can organize ourselves in response to the increasing anti-Asian climate. Links to resources are always welcome.
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