Dog Socializing Volunteer Quiz
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It's okay for one volunteer to walk two dogs at the same time. *
An adult and his/her junior must be together at all times. *
It's okay to put dogs in the outdoor play areas without staff approval. *
Dog's can't learn if they can't think. To be able to think, a dog must be.... *
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A dog might show nervousness or fear by...(select all that apply) *
Should you get excited when praising a dog for good behavior? *
To correct an undesirable behavior, you must wait at least ______ seconds before rewarding with a treat. *
Select ALL the reasons you should never let dogs go nose to nose, whether outside or inside the shelter. *
If an Easy Walk harness is in the box on the outside of the dog's kennel, do you have to use it when walking a dog or is it merely a suggestion? *
Is spot cleaning kennels is a job for only the NAHS animal care staff to do? *
Please select all the correct answers for what you SHOULD do before entering a dog kennel. *
When I have a question, I should: *
To reinforce a learned command (e.g., sit, down, etc.), you must reward the dog within _____ seconds of the performed behavior. *
When putting a leash on a dog, is it okay to open the kennel door and let the dog come out in the aisle to you? *
An Easy Walk harness should be: *
What style of shoes are acceptable when volunteering? Select all that apply. *
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