Texas Foot Parties Model Registration Form
Thank you for your interest in being a model for Texas Foot Parties!

First we need some basic information from you so that we can communicate effectively and/or recognize you when you contact us.

Please supply the following information and if you have questions or concerns please contact Scott at TxFtParties@GMail.com (preferred, and usually fastest) or call us at (512) 900-8981.

In order to accept file uploads our forms system requires an e-mail address.

Email address *
While all activities between guests at our parties is consensual being open to foot massage and foot worship is expected. This does not mean you have to do things with anyone who makes you uncomfortable however if you are not open to these activities you should probably not be a foot model at a foot party. Checking this box indicates you are open to these activities. *
Internal Name for us (can be the same as Scene name below) *
How do you prefer to be contacted by us? (note: most non-one on one communications will be done by e-mail)
Cell Phone number (not to be released) *
How did you find out about us? *
Have you attended or worked a foot party before? *
City where you live, or one close to it (for internal use only) *
Cities where you would consider attending our parties *
Anything else you feel we should know, or questions that come to mind (allergies or other health issues, foot fetish related hard limits)?
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