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Hi! Thank you for your interest. The ThinKeys 13 keyboard is a split ortholinear keyboard with TrackPoint for ThinkPad laptops.

Kailh X switches and caps are used to keep the board low profile enough to fit in the laptop. However, it can also be used purely as a desktop board; for this purpose, other switches are also compatible.

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Will you be purchasing ThinKeys 13?
Note: unfortunately, since the power button on supported models is part of the keyboard, you will need to solder a single wire on the laptop motherboard and plug it in to the new power button on the new keyboard. I guess you could tape or hot glue it too.
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What would cause you to change your mind about purchasing?
Which of the following features are you interested in?
Which currently supported laptop models do you want to use it with?
Lenovo ThinkPad T410-T430, T510-T530, W510-W530, X220-X230 (including s, i, and t suffixed variants)
Which currently unsupported laptop models do you want support for?
Note: the board will fully support a standard USB or Bluetooth connection for desktop use; no laptop necessary.
Which of the following items are you interested in?
Don't want it
Already have it, or will source it myself
Will put it in my order, if available
Will pay extra to have it pre-assembled
TrackPoint (Sprintek SK8707-01)
OLED (SSD1306 128x64)
MCU sockets (Mill-Max 7305)
MCU and MCU pins
Power button to power the laptop on/off
Reset Button to reset the keyboard
Configuration/firmware installation
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Which side do you want to put the TrackPoint on?
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How many keys do you want?
Up to 90 keys are currently supported, but 3 thumb keys must be broken off to fit in the laptop (90-3=87). The top row of 9 keys will fit, but they will touch the screen when the lid is closed; keep this in mind when making your decision (87-9=78).
What kind of layout do you want?
Programmable with QMK. Physical layout can be varied with fewer keys, as shown in the photo. Covers can be made for unused switch ports.
What kind of microcontrollers do you want to use?
Currently, Pro Micro compatible daughterboards are supported (e.g., Elite-C). Alvaro, an open source Elite-C replacement, may be made available for purchase. Unfortunately, ARM (e.g., Proton C) and ZMK/Bluetooth (e.g., nice!nano, nRFMicro) boards don't support TrackPoint yet.
What kind of keyswitches do you want?
Kailh X switches are needed to fit in the laptop. Switch moddability will be investigated (i.e., removing the clickbars to make a linear switch) and pre-modded switches will be offered if possible. For purely desktop use, other switches can be used.
What kind of keycaps do you want to use?
MX, Choc caps not compatible with Kailh X switches. More options may become available after the initial group buy.
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