Fairfax City Perks
Fairfax City's Economic Development Office is proud to launch 'Fairfax City Perks'.  

Fairfax City Perks is a component of the "Find It In Fairfax City" foldable guide, and provides access to a 10% discount to city businesses when the guide is presented.

How it works:
- On the back of the guide, is a section that highlights Fairfax City Perks with a QR code to scan for more information.  When the QR code is scanned with a Camera App, the device opens a link to fairfaxcityconnected.com that will include a map of participating businesses that can be filtered by category.
- When a customer visits your business and presents the 'Find It In Fairfax City' guide with the Fairfax City Perks QR code, provide them with a 10% discount on their purchase.
- The 10% discount is not applied to taxes or gratuities.

To participate in Fairfax City Perks, you must be a Fairfax City business* and agree to offer a 10% discount at the time of a purchase when a "Find It In Fairfax City" foldable city guide is presented.  

*Businesses MUST be located in Fairfax City to participate.  

To ensure your business is included, please complete the below information.  If you have any questions, email us at EconomicDevelopment@fairfaxva.gov.
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Please note if there are exclusions that apply.  For example, "discount cannot be applied to alcohol".  Since this marketing collateral piece will be at a number of locations throughout the year, there is no expiration date. *
Businesses that elect to participate in Fairfax City Perks can also participate in Patriot Perks.  Patriot Perks is a partnership with GMU to engage businesses and Mason's community with valued discounts.  To unlock the discounts offered through Fairfax City Perks, instead of presenting the "Find It in Fairfax City" guide Mason's community would present their ID Card or Alumni Association Member Card.  Once presented, businesses would honor the 10% discount identified through the Fairfax City Perks program.   In addition, Patriot Perks members agree to display marketing material provided by Mason. *
I agree to participate in the Fairfax City Perks initiative and will offer a 10% discount when a Find It In Fairfax City city guide is shown at the time of a purchase.   *
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