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1. The Tea Act gave total control of all tea sales in America to which of the following companies? *
2. Which of the following terms mean to have total control of something? *
3. Why did American Patriots disagree with the Tea Act? *
4. In which of the following cities did the Boston Tea Party take place? *
5. Which of the following best describes the Boston Tea Party *
6. Copy and paste your paragraph from part 1 about the Boston Tea Party from your LiveBinder into the box below. *
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7. Which of the following British laws was designed to punish the people of Boston for the Boston Tea Party? *
8. Which of the following was a punishment for the City of Boston after the Tea Party? *
9. During what meeting did patriot leaders from each of the colonies meet to discuss how they could help the people of Boston? *
10. At the meeting above, the American colonies agreed to do many things to help the people of Boston including which of the following? *
11. Copy and paste your vocabulary words and definitions from part 2 from your LiveBinder into the box below. *
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