ONE Conference 2019 Registration
Description & Important Information
May 31 - June 2, 2019
Moncton, NB
Moncton Coliseum

ONE is a weekend youth conference in Moncton, NB on May 31 - June 1. Youth and leaders gather together to worship, learn, and experience God in a new and vibrant way. Youth are challenged in their relationship with God and encouraged to grow deeper in that relationship. A variety of church denominations are uniting forces to worship one God - which is why the name and event is ONE Conference.

The Plan:
May 31 - Students are asked to meet at Stevens Road at 2pm on Friday, May 31st.
This will give us enough time to drive to Moncton and have supper on the way. We will begin at the Moncton Coliseum and spend the evening there. There will be fun activities, a main session with speaker and band, and special entertainment.

June 1 - Saturday will be much the same with two main sessions which include a speaker and band. Students will participate in age appropriate activities and workshops morning. The afternoon includes fun activities and our last main session together with a band and speaker. The event is over at 6pm. We will be heading to Hillsborough to join another youth group for supper and an evening of fun activities.

June 2 - Sunday we will attend Surrey Valley Baptist Church (Hillsborough). Both our and their youth group will participate in the church service. We will have lunch together and then head back to Dartmouth. Please plan to be at the church by 4pm for pick up. If times change we will contact you by text.

Meals are not included in the cost. Please send extra money for supper on Friday (McDonald's in Sackville, NB) and lunch on Saturday (Food court at mall). We will cover all other meals.

We will stay in Hillsborough with Pastor Erin's family. Depending on numbers, students and leaders will be in two different houses. Boys and girls will be separated and same gendered leaders will stay with students. We hope to have a large sleepover at with the Surrey Valley Baptist Youth Group at the church on Saturday evening. Please send a sleeping bag and pillow!

For more information contact Pastor Erin (902-580-0479 or or
Please do not register on the ONE website.

Registration Fee:
Early Bird $60 Feb 1 - Feb 28 (Worked pancake breakfast $50)
Regular Bird $65 - Mar 1 - May 10 (Worked pancake breakfast $55)
Late Bird $90 - May 11 - 31 (Worked pancake breakfast - $75)

Please register with Pastor Erin, not on the One website. Pastor Erin will register everyone as a group. You need to give Pastor Erin the money by the deadlines above in order for her to register your child.

*** Get a Discount ***
If your child volunteered for any fundraisers or events he/she will receive a discount on the price. Please contact Pastor Erin for how much it will be for your child if they have volunteered for the final cost.

We need at least 3 students to register in order to attend ONE.

Registration Form Due: Now until May 10

T-Shirts are available for $20. Please indicate if your child would like one and what size. Stevens Road will not be covering the cost of T-shirts.
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This consent form gives permission for the above mentioned youth to attend and participate in ONE 2019 with Stevens Road Baptist Church. This includes overnight travelling and sleeping arrangements associated with such an event. As legal guardian to the youth named above I understand that the pastors and leaders of Stevens Road Baptist Church will be making decisions on my behalf and I release Stevens Road Baptist from any and all liability for injury, loss, or damage to person or property that may occur during the course of my child's involvement in this event. * *
We at Stevens Road Baptist will do our best to keep you, the parent/guardian informed regarding any medical treatment necessary during the event but want to have permission to be able to do what is best for your child in the event that you cannot be contacted.
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