Powerlifting Masterclass with Wim Wamsteeker
Iron House is bringing you an amazing seminar experience to learn from one of the best Powerlifting coaches in the Netherlands. We are proud to announce our Powerlifting Masterclass seminar with renowned powerlifting athlete and coach, Wim Wamsteeker.

Wim is an International IPF 'Master' Powerlifter and former head coach of the Dutch National Team. He has coached and trained a number of top level athletes such as Ielja Strik, Pardeep Kailey, Sandra Wildeman and Brenda v.d. Meulen, just to name a few. He's been lifting for more than 30 years now, so he's got some things to teach.

With his extensive experience in coaching and training athletes, Wim has developed a massive knowledge base for strength training, training methodology, competition preparation, programming and mental focus.
These seminars are designed for all levels of experience. Whether you are just starting off or are getting ready for competition season, come and learn from one of the country's best trainers.

These two seminars will cover the following subjects:

- The Squat, Bench & Deadlift: We will be covering the different approaches for technique and execution of the lifts as well as provide an open floor for specific questions from participants. These questions can sometimes best be answered with demonstration so participants will get a chance to get hands on coaching on their specific performance.
- Training & Coaching: After covering one of the lifts, the group will start training and be guided and coached by Wim to get specific ques for their situation.
- Training Attitude & Philosophy: Wim will also be covering the mental and emotional aspects of Powerlifting and Strength Training. These aspects can play an important role in understanding one's training and to stay motivated and dedicated to achieving goals.
- Open Floor: Wim will be sharing his experiences and knowledge throughout the entire seminar and he invites everyone to ask as many questions as possible so that the group can learn from each others experiences. Therefor, we invite you to prepare questions beforehand and bring them with you to make sure that they are answered.

Sign up and join a truly unique and fruitful powerlifting seminar!

Address: Amsterdamsestraatweg 640, Utrecht. Iron House Co. B.V.
Time: 12:00 - 18:00
Necessities: Bring your lifting gear and training clothes, food and drinks to fuel your training.
The seminar will be held in Dutch.

€50, - for Iron House Members.
This fee also includes coffee, tea and amenities for post seminar drinks.
(upon sign up and completion of this form, additional payment information will be emailed for sign up completion)

Iron House Co. & Wim Wamsteeker.
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