Birth Centre for Wellington Project - what is your background/interest?
Now that we have funders willing to work with the DHB to make our Birth Centre in Wellington a reality, we want to gather more specific info from stakeholders who are on the Birth Hub mailing list about your areas of interest and what you can support with e.g. if your area is research, how would you specifically see that fitting into the project, if you are wishing to promote physiological birth to midwifery students how could that work, if you are a midwife experienced in primary birth, an childbirth educator etc...

It was mentioned at the Birth Centre meeting on Tuesday 23rd Feb about a possible Advisory Board - with academics, clinicians, consumers etc... could you see that as something you would put yourself forward for.....? We also want to get specific about areas of location for the physical building so there are some questions about that too.....

There are just a handful of questions to answer so it should take a short amount of your time.

(1) What is your current role in the birth world? *
Check the one that MOSTLY applies as to why you want to be involved in or support this project
(2) Within what area would you be willing to use your skills or experience to progress the project? *
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(3) Please give a short bio of your qualifications, skills, experience etc... within that area of practice *
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(4) As a current or past consumer of maternity services within Wellington, tell us how long you are willing to/would have been prepared to travel between birth centre and hospital if transfer is/ had been necessary? *
(5) Are you an LMC midwife working within the Wellington community (in Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley or Wairarapa) who would likely use (or encourage others to use) a home-like Birth Centre if there was one near to your area of work? *
If you answer yes you will have some further questions, answer no and you will be taken to last page of form
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