2020 Short Music and SFX Loop Competition Votesheet
This is The Official Votesheet(tm) for this compo: https://csdb.dk/event/?id=3001. Voting is open until end of Monday 14th December (CET).


We are all busy adults. You don't have to give votes to all entries in one voting session, you can vote in chunks, whatever suits your busy schedule. I will combine your votes in the end. By the end of voting, please try to give a vote for every entry. If you accidentally or deliberately give multiple votes for an entry, only the last vote counts. However, please be considerate with changing your votes. If you flood the voting by changing your votes over and over again (i.e. waste my time), all of your votes will be ignored.

VOTES ARE ANONYMOUS. I'm only asking for your details to enable the aforementioned vote combining, and to decrease the possibility of wrongdoing / downvoting. I won't disclose any voter information to anyone, for any reason. You can be as brutally honest with your votes as you want (yes, including votes for my compo entry). These votes are only meant for ranking the entries within the context of this competition. So if you think that entry XX is better than YY, even though YY is made by your buddy, give XX a higher vote, even if you feel obliged to upvote YY a little bit in CSDB. :)

I reserve the right to disqualify obvious upvoting / downvoting attempts. This includes (but is not limited to) giving very high votes to your own and/or your groupmates' entries while giving very low or no votes to others, obvious hate-voting etc. In other words, you CAN upvote yourself (as is expected), as long as you give honest votes to others. :) But I'm sure this won't be an issue, as we are all civilised grown ups. Remember, you are giving votes for the entries, not for the people who made them.

For each entry, you can give points from 1 to 100 (higher being better). This gives plenty of granularity to rank entries in any order you wish.

The voting algorithm is disclosed only after the voting deadline has passed. This is to mitigate attempts to manipulate the vote in any way.
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