Hero Nominations 2021
Friends of Wisconsin State Park s are seeking nominations for the coveted year-end HERO awards! The award categories are:
Outstanding DNR Land Manager
Outstanding Friends Group
Outstanding Individual Friends Member

The HERO awards are given out to recognize Individual Friends members and Friends groups who have been instrumental in contributing time and energy at a state park, forest, or trail. 

The DNR Land manager award recognizes an outstanding park, forest, or trail manager who has done a great job with the DNR property that they manage.

We would like to hear from YOU with a nomination in any of the categories for the 2021 HERO Awards!

Please take time to make your nominations today!

Nominations end Friday - August 31, 2021
Make your Nominations online
Please nominate a person or group for one, two, or all of the following categories:
Outstanding DNR Land Manager.
Please also explain why she/he is deserving of this award:
Successful Friends Group of the Year Nominee
Please also explain why this group is deserving of this award:
Friends Hero Award Nominee
Please also explain why/how this Friends member is deserving of this award:
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