Entry Point Student Feedback Margherita College 2019
Select score to all questions to all teachers of your class. Submit separate sheet for different teacher.
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Stream 1st Semester *
Subject *
Name of the teacher *
01. Teacher is student friendly *
02. Teacher takes regularly *
03. Teacher prepares and communicates clearly *
04. Teacher makes power point presentation *
05. Teacher gives Home Assignments & carefully examines the scripts. *
06. Teacher takes class tests. *
07. Teacher pursues students to participate in discussion at the end of the lecture. *
08. Teacher covers the entire syllabus. *
09. Teacher mentions the books to be consulted from the library. *
10. Teacher helps the students by giving book(s) when wanted. *
11. Teacher consults previous question papers. *
12. Teacher gives career guidance/prospects of the subjects in practical life. *
13. Teacher pays attention to slow learners. *
14. Progress of the course (syllabus). *
15. Teacher takes extra/remedial class. *
16. Teacher provides study material/notes in the class. *
17. What is your overall impression of the teacher? *
18. How (class room) teaching can be made more attractive to you?
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