Ponyville Ciderfest 2017 Panel Application
Please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. If you have any questions related to the form or otherwise, please email contact@ponyvilleciderfest.com.

PLEASE NOTE: If your panel is approved, the host will receive one free panelist badge. Any additional hosts or moderators for your panel will need to have their own badges.

Email address *
Primary Panel Host Info
The Primary Panel host will be the main point of contact and the person in charge of the panel organization.
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Panel Host Preferred Name *
This is the name that will be used in the con book and website. Enter your name here exactly as you want it to appear.
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A number that can receive texts is preferred.
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This will be the bio listed on your panel and/or profile.
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Headshot Link - Please provide a link to your headshot or art of your OC.
Do not submit any copyrighted art that you do not have the right to, including show art / screen caps.
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Panel Details
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Enter this exactly as you want it to appear in the con book and website. Names must be All Ages appropriate and not too long, please.
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Panel Length *
For ease of scheduling, these are the block sizes we will be working with. Please select the sizes that you are able to work with. The longest length will be considered your preference.
Panel Description *
A brief explanation of the panel you will run that will also appear in the Convention Book and web site; this description will tell the attendees what your panel is all about. It should be 3-5 sentences, and may be edited for length if necessary. Includes the names of any additional hosts here.
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What type of panel is this? *
What age range is your panel or event intended for? *
Please select the times you will be available to run your panel. *
Selecting more times may increase the chances of you being approved, especially for the less popular time slots.
Not Available
Friday 10am-12pm
Friday 12pm-4pm
Friday 4pm-8pm
Friday 8pm-12am
Saturday 10am-12pm
Saturday 12pm-4pm
Saturday 4pm-8pm
Saturday 8pm-12am
Sunday 10am-12pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm
Panel Needs
Anticipated Attendance *
What kind of seating does your panel need? *
How many panelist microphones would you need? *
A/V Needs *
All panel rooms with have a stage, mics, speakers, and the ability to connect a laptop or other device for audio and/or video if the room has a projector.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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