The Experience
The following questions will collect information about your near-death experience (NDE) as it occurred. Keep track of how many times you select "Yes," as this will be your score. The higher your score, the more intense the experience and/or the more complete your memory.

There are two sections, totaling twenty-eight questions and two optional free response fields.
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1. Did you feel a powerful sense of peace and serenity or a melding into bliss? *
2. Did you feel an overwhelming sense of joy, unconditional love, and complete acceptance? *
3. Did you feel one with the universe, God, or a unity with the All? *
4. Did you have an out-of-body experience? *
5. Did you detect the presence of a bright light, or were you infused/engulfed by light? *
6. Did you travel through a passageway, staircase, or tunnel with a light at the end? *
7. Do you recall meeting one or more spirit guide(s), angel(s), or being(s) of light? *
8. Did you experience a life review or see scenes of your past flashing before your mind? *
9. Did you meet with departed relatives or loved ones? *
10. Did you receive knowledge of your own life and/or the nature of the universe? *
11. Did you experience a sense of altered time (slowing down/speeding up)? *
12. Did you see a border, division between worlds, or come to a point of no return? *
13. Did you have a sense of being dead or an awareness that you were dying? *
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