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We share documents that all staff should access via Google Drive. Because this contains some sensitive information such as student names, we share it directly with staff Google accounts. With what account should we share the directory? If you do not have a Google account, please say so below and we'll figure out how to make this happen.
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In addition to these bios, we'd like to have you email us a picture to post with them. Please email this to
Staff Bio
BEAM will create a page of staff biographies with our photos, to help us meet each other. What would you like for your bio? For example: My name is Dan. I founded BEAM back in 2011, and it's been an incredible pleasure to watch it grow and mature over the years. I think I've truly found my life's work, and that's an amazing thing to be able to say. I LOVE spending time at BEAM! In my old life, I was a graduate student in algebraic topology, and it's still easy to get me to geek out about physics, history, political science, astronomy, or really just about anything. In my free time, I love theater, various forms of collaborative storytelling, biking, board games, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and reading.
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Public Bio
BEAM also lists staff biographies on our website, so that parents and others can see who works here. What would you like for your public bio? (You may also request not to be listed if you prefer.) Example: Ayinde Alleyne is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in mechanical engineering. There, he was on the board of an on-campus group called the Race Dialogue Project that holds events to talk about race and race relations. Their goal is to help improve relationships and communication in Penn's community. In his free time, you can usually find him catching up on a TV show, writing a poem, or running to try and relive his high school track "glory days."
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Do you want to be on the T-shirt design committee?
Each summer, BEAM produces a shirt that goes out to students and staff at all six sites. Would you like to be part of the committee that decides what to put on the shirt and makes the design? This will be an e-mail list that will discuss before the summer, since we generally start printing before the summer starts.
What is your T-shirt size? *
All staff receive a BEAM T-shirt!
Would you like your T-shirt to be a "unisex" (men's cut) or women's cut shirt? *
You can see a bit more about this here:
Any dietary restrictions?
BEAM wants to provide appropriate food during the summer. Please indicate if any are serious allergies.
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Are you interested in free First Aid/CPR training?
If yes, we will contact you individually to find a location near you with the relevant courses.
If you said yes to First Aid/CPR training, where will you be located in June?
We want to use your location to find the closest available classes for you to take. If you can give us an address, that would be ideal.
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BEAM works to align our staff demographics with those of our students, and we also sometimes report back to our funders (who would also like to see us represent the populations we serve). This section is optional, but we would appreciate it if you could share how you identify.
Gender identity:
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Finally, although we recognize that identities are complex and not often captured by checkboxes, sometimes the best way to summarize data for ourselves and our funders is in a way that is easy to aggregate. Again, if possible, we would appreciate a summary below for our reports.
Do you consider yourself Hispanic/Latino?
In addition, select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:
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Thanks very much for filling this out. Your willing to share information helps us to better run the program, and to continue to fund our programming.

Your last step is to e-mail with a photo for your bios.
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