Form to Create & Submit Plan for Completing "Thesis Research" with David Passmore
The student enrolled in WF ED 600/610, Thesis Research, is preparing a thesis proposal and has not yet completed an oral comprehensive examination for the PhD degree. Use this form to propose a plan to Passmore.

You must submit your prior to the beginning of the semester during which your work for Thesis Research will be undertaken. Passmore will review and approve your Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time plan before you may enroll in WF ED 600/610. No Summer Session WF ED 600/610 credit is supervised by Passmore.

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--List dates indicating events or deadlines for the thesis products you will create, especially submissions to or meetings with Passmore. At minimum, meetings at beginning, middle, and end. My calendar is at: Times and dates I am available are list on my calendar with entries, "Reserved for .5 hr blocks for appointments made through"--
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