Free Tree Give Away in Parkview Neighbourhood
Trees Please is hosting a Free Tree Give Away for 2019 because we love trees!

Trees around our homes provide myriad benefits to the city, our neighbourhoods, and to our health and well-being. Trees filter pollutants from our air, keep us cool in the summer, reduce pressure on our storm-water management systems, make urban residents healthier, provide habitat for other species and enhance biodiversity in our city. They even increase your property value!

You can help by planting a tree in your yard - we can help by giving you a tree, and even delivering it right to your door.

The only ‘catch’ is that the Trees Please project wants to make sure that your planting site is suitable and that the tree will continue to thrive!

You are responsible for choosing your suitable planting location and performing a locate (no cost to you, visit or call 1-800-400-2255).

Please note: One tree per household.
We ask that you care for your tree with regular watering and TLC. And feel free to share your tree planting story and progress photos with us by emailing, and inspire other Hamilton residents to plant trees and care about growing our urban forest.
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