Scholarship Application - Motherhood Studies
Part of what we explore in this course are the ways that hierarchy operates to create, entrench and perpetuate systems of oppression and inequality. We focus specifically on how these processes situate and shape the experiences of mothers from various socioeconomic backgrounds.

The institution of Motherhood, patriarchal structures, intergenerational disadvantage, institutionalised racism, sexism, misogyny, and ableism, all intersect to create compounded challenges for some, as well as individual circumstances of hardship, illness, and loss.

There are therefore a number of scholarship positions available (3x in 2021) for the Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification to support accessibility for those who otherwise would not be able to join this course.

Scholarships are for those experiencing economic disadvantage and/or marginalisation, including but not limited to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and First Nations peoples, those living with disability, those who are caregivers for those with disabilities, single parents, refugees.

Applications are open worldwide, year round, and will remain active for the calendar year in which you have applied. If your scholarship is not granted, your application will remain on file for that calendar year and you will be notified if an opening or opportunity for enrollment in the course arises.

Scholarship grants are not announced publicly and outcomes of applications will be decided by Dr Sophie Brock based on the information provided outlining your need for a scholarship, the availability of scholarship positions, and alignment of this course with your work (current/future).

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