AT Congress 2021- NOW // Survey
NOW – Nurturing Our Work!
12th International Alexander Technique Congress, Berlin
15 August - 21 August 2021
Goal of this survey
The purpose of this short survey is to seek your views regarding the contents of the next International Alexander Technique Congress to be held in 2021 in Berlin, Germany. We would like to know more about what (and who!) you would like to see, so that we can better tailor the Congress to your priorities, and meet collective needs as far as possible. What attracts you the most to a Congress? We're especially interested in your priorities, expectations, and suggestions.

Completing our survey will only take you about 5 minutes.

The survey is open until 15 September 2019. We will then publish the anonymised and combined results by the beginning of 2020.

Thank you for helping us making the AT Congress even better!

Congress Participation
Have you been to a Congress before?
If not, would you mind telling us why?
Your answer
Are you planning to go to the next Congress in 2021 in Berlin?
Congress Programme Priorities
Every Congress features several different programme modules.
Next, we would like to find out which matter the most to you.
Which programme modules attract you the most, personally? Please select your top 3.
Do you have ideas/wishes for additional programming, not listed above?
Your answer
Which programme modules do you consider the least attractive? You may select up to 3.
Final Thoughts
If anything at all, what is the one thing about the Congress you would like to see changed or done differently?
Your answer
Is there a specific teacher or speaker who you think would make an important contribution for your fellows in the Alexander Technique community?
Your answer
Which specific training related to the work of a practicing AT teacher would you like to see at the Congress?
For example, managing a small business, attracting clients, promotional material, promulgating information about the technique, book keeping etc.
Your answer
Do you have any additional comments and/or suggestions for us?
Your answer
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