2020 CEC Summit Table Talk Proposal
Thank you for your interest in hosting a table talk at the Greater Houston Environmental Summit on Friday, August 7, 2020, at the United Way's Community Resource Center. We anticipate about 150 participants, mostly supporters and employees of local environmental organizations.

The theme for this year's summit is "Mapping Houston's Environmental Movement," and we are looking for literal and metaphorical subjects related to this theme.

We anticipate having about 15 table talks. Table talks are a cross between break-out sessions and speed dating. Each table talk will last 20 minutes, and will be repeated three times over the course of the day. The first five minutes of each conversation will be an introduction to the topic, the next ten minutes will be for questions and answers, and the final five minutes will be a wrap-up and an opportunity for participants to make commitments, which you may suggest. We follow up with the participants to track their progress.

Table talk hosts will receive complimentary registration for the Summit.
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Cell phone number in case we need to text or call you. Text/call Rachel at 832-982-2843.
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Remember: you have five minutes to introduce the topic, ten minutes for Q&A, and five minutes to wrap up.
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We ask that table talk hosts participate in three sessions throughout the day, but we understand you have time constraints. Let us know which sessions you can attend. *Note: times are rough estimates*
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Please provide a link to your bio, a LinkedIn profile, or a paragraph that we would be able use in the program and to introduce you. If you would like to co-host a table talk with a collaborator, please provide information about the collaborator. **Note: We will only provide one complimentary registration for each table talk topic; we will provide a discount for collaborators.**
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