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Please answer these questions related to community health and park and nature access in your community. Your answers will help guide Healthy Outdoor Communities in our support of existing and new programs in Acres Homes, Third Ward, and elsewhere to improve community health, wellbeing, and resilience. Please be as detailed as possible in your responses.

To learn more about Healthy Outdoor Communities, please visit www.neoproject.org/hoc.
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If you are in the Acres Homes or Third Ward Community and would like us to send you a $10 grocery gift card for your participation, please enter your mailing address here. You must answer questions 1-9 to be eligible.
1. What are the existing resources in your community that support you to have a healthy lifestyle? *
2. How often do you use those community resources? *
3. What prevents you from using those community resources? *
4. What community resources would you like to have in your community, that you currently do not have? *
5. How often would you use those resources if they existed? *
6. Thinking of your community, how would you encourage them to get outdoors more often? *
7. What are some potential challenges your community may face when seeking to get outdoors more often? *
8. What would your community need in order to get outdoors more often? *
9. Is there anything else you would like to see in your community that would help you to have a healthy or healthier lifestyle? *
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