Junior Staff Application
Hello! Welcome to the Junior Staff Application for Crafting For Christ!

Once you press next, you will proceed to the application. All application questions are to be answered in full with correct grammar and spelling.
All the following criteria must be met before being considered for moving forward in the application process.
The user must display the following criteria as a MINIMUM. Failure to meet these criteria will result in an instant denial.

- Consistent Discord activity and community interaction.
- Display Christian attitudes and values actively within the community.
- Must not be banned on any Crafting For Christ platforms.
- Must speak fluent English.
- Must have access or the ability to record game/desktop capture.

After filling out this application, the Senior Staff team will vote on all applications and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Please do not "follow up" on your application, it will not make the process faster. Wait patiently for the Senior Staff team to vote and we WILL get back to you via your preferred communication platform that you will select.
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