American Friendship Partner Application
The world is here at our door here at UGA! The University of Georgia's
international community includes more than 2,000 international students and
scholars from over 125 countries around the world! When a new student arrives at
UGA, it can be difficult to get to know Americans in the community. Many
internaitonal students, away from home and family for the first time, experience
culture shock when they first arrive here. The food, customs, and language differ
significantly from what they were used to in their home countries. American
Christian Students are needed to befirend international students and to help them
with conversational English and cultural adjustments. If you are willing to be a
witness of the love of Christ through the gift of friendship, we would like to link you
with one of these students during his or her stay in Athens.

Your commitment for the school year will be:
-maintain contact throughout the school year by phone, email, or Facebook
-invite your new international friend for a meal at your home, to a favorite restaurant, to cultural
events, or just to spend time with you doing thungs you both enjoy at least monthly
-you are both invited to attend monthly ISM events
-if your family agrees, you can invite him/her to spend time with you during the holidays
-pray for him/her regularly as you demonstrate Christ's love in action by responding to practical
needs through the gifts of conversation and friendship

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Why do you want to be a friendship partner?
Do you have any past training or experience with an international student ministry? Which one?
Do you prefer a student from a specific country or region?
Would you be willing to be paired with a student different from a different area than you prefer?
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