SCAA Shooter of the Year Registration 2020
One form per SOY shooter per year.
Required to have four prorated scores from SCAA/NFAA Sanctioned Target Tournaments & SCAA State 3D
First and Last Name *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
Month and Year SCAA/NFAA membership expires. *
Please select gender. *
Please select age or division. *
Select age division you will be competing in for NFAA sanctioned events. If Bow Novice or Hunter Unlimited, select Adult.
Please select NFAA Target tournament class style. *
(Class for Indoor, Vegas, 900, International, Field and Hunter)
Please select SCAA 3D class. *
(Class that you will compete in the SCAA State 3D competition and compete in for SOY.)
Verify Equipment
Equipment used must be appropriate for NFAA and SCAA 3D classes. All changes in equipment during the year must follow the class rules.
Verify equipment: Sights *
Verify equipment: Magnification *
Verify equipment: Stabilizer *
Verify equipment: Release *
SOY Rules (Regional, SOY and 3D Circuit applies to move up rule for bow novice.)
Review the Shooter of the Year Rules on the website or in the tournament guide. *
Comments (List any previous shot State Tournaments that you need scores from for this year.)
Request for class change. Please provide any information needed.
Equipment must transfer for scores to transfer. Only can change classes one time during year.
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