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If you are interested in potentially joining Pan Africans for Liberation and Solidarity, please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Feel free to email us at with any further questions. We will follow up with more information about the organization

We introduce new members at the end of every book cycle. We will follow up with an email close to the orientation date.
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How did you hear about us? Did anyone specifically refer you, if so who? (Name and social media handle) *
In what capacity do you prefer to be involved, as a member OR part of the PALS collective? *
The collective is for people who agree with our mission & objectives but don't have the time to engage with us...can still support and receive material/org updates without full membership
Why are you interested in joining Horn of Africa PALS? *
Do you have any previous/current organizing experience or affiliation with any political organizations? If not, you can put N/A *
This space is for anyone regardless if you have experience or not so do not worry if this is something you are not familiar with
What challenges do you see right now within the Horn of Africa that needs immediate attention both from those within the region and the diaspora and why? *
Did you have any prior knowledge pertaining to socialism and leftist politics? Please describe where you feel you are at in your political journey and ideology? *
Last but not least, what is something that you would like the HOA-PALS team to know about you? *
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