Emerson-Garfield Residential Survey
This is an informal survey of needs, concerns and priorities in Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood.
What is your connection to your neighborhood? *
How many of your neighbors do you know within your block?
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What do you like most about your neighborhood?
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How safe do you feel in this neighborhood?
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How often do you shop at or use services from the businesses in Emerson-Garfield?
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Would you like to get involved with neighbors and businesses for any of the following activities?
Which of the following neighborhood services do you or your family use?
What do you think Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood needs to focus on most?
What's your attitude toward becoming more involved in Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood?
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Final thoughts
Is there anything this survey didn't ask that you think is an issue (good or bad) worthy of neighborhood attention?
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