Indiana Center for Accessible Materials - DRM Addition and Deletion
Before a local education agency may request and receive materials from ICAM, the superintendent must designate staff person(s) to be a Digital Rights Manager (DRM). The superintendent may designate this task to other personnel. The DRM is a local education agency level staff person deemed by the superintendent to be responsible for monitoring and documenting copyright compliance within the local education agency. The DRM must request, receive, and monitor the usage of copyrighted Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) for students with documented print disabilities. To register a DRM, please complete the form below. Information needed to register DRM(s) includes the school corporation number, DRM's name, position/title, and email address.

Please note that State guidelines enable public school corporations to provide names for up to five DRMs. Charter schools may provide only two DRM's. It is strongly recommended that every school corporation have at least 2 active DRMs at all times.

It is also important to remove any DRMs who are no longer providing services by filling out Section 2, Remove a DRM.

The following form can be used to add DRMs and/or to remove DRMs. You can complete Section 1 only, Section 2 only, or both Sections.
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