Call for Proposals for FCTE 2017 Professional Development Institute
Submit your proposal to present at FCTE's 2017 conference.
2017 PDI theme: "Finding Our Balance"
Balance. Even if we’re not aware of it, it’s something we’re always seeking. Sure, the highs and lows are fun, but too much is too much. We almost always find ourselves working our way back to the middle.

Sometimes we succumb to the illusion that it is possible to achieve a perpetual state of balance. If only this, if only that, we think. I could get there and stay there.


Nothing in this world is ever perfectly balanced. Even the equinox lasts for only a second before starting to tip in the other direction. Something’s always shifting.

The good news is balance is a state toward which we can work – while we continue to keep going when things start to shift one way or the other.

That is what this year’s conference is about: Finding Our Balance. Not keeping it!

We invite you to submit session proposals that share your ideas on finding some balance between these poles:

• Testing and teaching
• STEM and the arts
• Technology and text
• Classics and contemporary
• Work life and home life
• Creativity and rigor
• Reading and writing
• Student-centered and standards-driven

Wherever you feel that tension – that’s where we want to focus. What strategies have you found that work best for you and your students? What lessons have helped keep you from falling into the abyss? What theories do we need to learn – or revisit – to help keep us grounded while we shoot for the stars?

Remember that our audience will consist of teachers of students in grades K through college. We’ll have pre-service teachers, early career educators, and master teachers. We’ll have teachers from rural areas and urban communities. We’ll have teachers who work with traditional, ESOL, and ESE students. Our audience will be as varied as our state is.

It’s all about finding our balance.

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