JCP Face 2 Face Meeting in Brazil - Visa Request and Presentation at JustJava

This is the form asking for some basic information about your participation at the JCP face-to-face meeting in Brazil.

The meeting will be held side by side with the JustJava Event, a Java Event organized by SouJava for around 800 attendees, and you are all welcome to stay for the event.

We'll host a JCP panel during the event, and can open up room for other talks. We can arrange for talks to be on the first day of the event, if you can't extend the trip to stay both days.

This form has two main reasons: get your info to send you a letter if you need a visa, and get info about a talk if you want to give a talk at the event.

JCP Face 2 Face Meeting
Dates: 16 and 17 of May, 2012


See in the page bellow if you need a visa to go to Brazil
(hint: Americans NEED visas. Europeans in general, DON'T NEED visas)

List of countries that are EXEMPT from visas

JustJava Event

Dates: 18 and 19 of May, 2012

We will also send hotel suggestions and general information about Brazil to the EC mailing list.
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Do you want to participate in a JCP Panel during the JustJava event?
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Do you want to give a technical talk at the JustJava event?
the event is focused on Java developers, and it can cover any area of the technology
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Title of the Talk
If you want to present a talk at the JustJava event, fill here only if you plan to stay for the event and give a talk.
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Just a brief description so we know what it is about
Any other request or comment?
If you need anything special for your VISA, or for your stay in Brazil, tell us here
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