Tree Ring Acceptance
Guidelines for Photo Submissions

1. Please tag your child in the picture(s) you upload and add a description.

2. If your picture(s) include another Live Oak student, please have express permission from the child’s parents/ legal guardians before uploading the picture. The PTA or Live Oak Elementary shall not be responsible for any claims from such other students or their legal guardians and you indemnify the PTA over any such claims.

3. We ask that you only submit photo(s) that depict people who have authorized the sharing of this photo. If two friends are depicted, please ensure the parents/legal guardians of both children authorize the use of the photo(s)/video(s).

4. Please note that there should be nothing in the photo(s)/video(s) (such as t-shirts, hats, gestures or things in the background) that depict profanity, obscenity, or language or images that are offensive, aggressive or threatening.

5. Please only upload pictures of your children or your immediate family on your custom pages.

6. By uploading your photo(s) and/or video(s) you authorize the PTA to publish such photos and/or videos and expressly release the PTA and Live Oak Elementary School from any liability that you may incur over such publication. You further agree that the PTA shall have full and sole discretion over which photos and/or videos to publish.


1. In purchasing the yearbook, the buyer is aware that the yearbook is published by parent volunteers and while every effort was made to be accurate and exhaustive in yearbook coverage, we regret any omissions, mistakes, misspellings etc. The buyer expressly acknowledges that it is purchasing a yearbook which may contain such omissions, mistakes, misspellings etc. and waives any claims or liabilities against parent volunteers, PTA and LIve Oak Elementary school in connection therewith.

2. PTA expressly reserves the right to delete, decide to add: publish or not publish a yearbook at any time and in its sole discretion. In the event, that a yearbook is not published, all money paid towards a yearbook purchase will be refunded.
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