Techno India Group 500
Calling for 500 PhD, M.Tech, B.Tech, MBBS, MS, MD

Eligibility: MBA, MCA, MA, M.Sc, M.Com, CA, CS, LLB, Media Sc, Hospital/Hotel Mgmt., Nurses, Paramedics, BBA, BCA, BA, B.Sc, B.Com, any Diploma, Class-V to XII for Full Time and Part Time Employment or Self employment (with the support of NSDC, Govt of India) from Peons to Directors to Entrepreneurs. Retired persons may also apply.

at our

4 universities, 22 Engineering colleges, 30 Schools, 3 Super speciality Hospitals, 2 upcoming medical and Nursing colleges, 10 B.Schools, 20 Research labs, 18 ITIs, 30 College IT centres, 10 industries etc.

Employment and Self employment support to be given in the field of Establishing Engineering, Medical Colleges, Other Colleges, Schools, Nursery schools, Hostels, Hotels, Staff Housing, Restaurants, Canteens, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Polyclinics, Biotech, Food, Animal husbandry, Fish and Agri Parks & Research Centres, Make-in-India industries including IT, AI, IoT, VR, Drone etc.

Aspirants having Land, Educational or Institutional Campus, Pond, Building, Floor, Commercial space, Shop, Any sick unit" (own, relative's or friend's) at any town or village of WB or India to be Preferred).

Only applicants submitting the present form will be considered for the opportunity.
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Description of your properties (location, area, condition, built assets...) | आपके संपत्ति का विवरण (स्थान, क्षेत्र, स्थिति, निर्मित संपत्ति ...) | আপনার সম্পত্তিগুলির বর্ণনা (অবস্থান, অঞ্চল, অবস্থা, নির্মিত সম্পদ ...)
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