Careers 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp - May 4th to June 8th 2020
Thank you for your interest in being part of our Career 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp. We are looking for career experts, successful professionals, recruiters, career coaches who would like to contribute content during our bootcamp.

Would you like to volunteer to teach an online workshop or do an online group mentoring session, an online mock interview or resume review?
Would you like to hone your teaching, coaching, job search support or public speaking skills?
Would you like to promote job openings, your company or services?

Before you complete the application, PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO COVER SPEAKER FEES. However, there are many opportunites and benefits for getting involved.

1. If you are a recruiter, connect with potential candidates
2. Refer candidates to openings at your company
3. Hone your skills as an online instructor
4. Share your skills and expertise in job search and careers
5. Promote your company or coaching services
6. Listed as an instructor/coach in our Career 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp promotions with a link to your LinkedIn profile or your career services or coaching website

Fill out the application if you would like to get involved.

Careers 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp is a five-week series of online workshops, group mentoring and support for jobseekers or professionals looking for a new job or career, transition into a different industry or take their jobsearch or career to the next level.
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Would you be interested in doing a one hour Zoom presentation for the bootcamp. A 45 minute presentation followed by 15 mins of Q&A? Please select the topic or topics you would like to speak on.
If you selected other , please let us know what topic you would like to speak on *
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Online Mock Interviews. 30 mins mock interview with bootcamp participant on the phone, Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. Each participant will do a 30 min mock interview. The schedule will be based on your availability *
If you selected yes to the online mock interview, how may participants can you practice with? Each participant will do a 30 min mock interview. The schedule will be based on your availability. *
Online Resume Review. The bootcamp participant would send you her resume for review via e-mail and you would review it and give her feedback, suggestions via e-mail, Skype or phone *
How many resumes can you review? *
1 hour online Group mentoring/ask me anything *
If you selected 'Yes' to the 1 hour online Group mentoring/ask me anything, what would the topic or focus area be? *
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If you are selected to speak would you give us permission to live stream, record and share your talk and images to our network on our social media pages, website, youtube channel, newsletter and also so use for future event promos and publicity? *
Would you be willing to share this bootcamp opportunity with your network on social media and to your mailing list? *
Would your company be interested in being a sponsor for this bootcamp? *
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