PlayaNauts 2017 Camp Application
---You are applying to join PlayaNauts family for 2017, all responses will only be seen by camp leads---

Please Understand that we have chosen to cap our group at about 40 participants, we already have a core group of about 30 but not everyone makes it back every year, so we open up our group for new participants, last year we received over 60 applicants but that was 40 more than we were able to accommodate: so please...Take your Time with this application.

One last thing: WE ARE NOT A PLUG AND PLAY CAMP, that means: Everyone Contributes, Everyone Participates. We are a highly interactive and somewhat wild group, when you are applying to join us you are saying:

"hey I like the way you contribute to the community at the Burn, I'd Love to be a part of that"

Three Simple Steps:

1.Apply here, Wait for the acceptance / Welcome back email.
2.Send in your $120 camp contribution via Venmo (or arrange other method)
3.Get your sexy ass to Burning Man and Find Us at 8:15 & C street.

The Basics:
Name and Contact
What's your name? (First and last that you use in day to day life)
Your answer
PlayaName or NickName? (What should we call you)
Your answer
Email address?
Your answer
Phone Number?
Your answer
Can we send you text messages at this number?
We will not Spam. Text messages are great way to keep in touch and receive important updates as we approach the Playa
Facebook Link (optional)
If you don't know where to find this, go to your profile page and copy and paste the address bar....if you do know it put
Your answer
Will you be 21 by the time you arrive?
Our camp ranges with probably an average of around 28 yrs old, totally fine if you're under drinking age but we abide by local laws
Have you been to Burning Man before?
The Important Stuff
Please put thought into these, We have a limit on how many people we can accept into camp. Every response will be read.
We all contribute in some way to camp, how do you see yourself participating?
Please choose at least three, we are NOT a plug-n-play camp, joining PlayaNauts means you'd like to participate in camp.
Why do you want to Camp with PlayaNauts?
Why us and not another camp?
Your answer
Name ONE of the TEN Principles of Burning Man (and BRIEFLY describe it in your words)
Try not to Google it, but do not say "I Don't know" (paraphrase or guess, we'll get the idea) if you have NEVER heard of them, STOP here, go read them all and then come back and submit this.
Your answer
How did you hear about us?
will you be attending solo or with another camper?
Your answer
Anything you would like to add?
Your answer
See you in the dust!
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