Integrated Skills Program 2
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L3T1H - Building conversations
In this lesson, you're going to practise asking and answering conversation questions about products you buy.
Task One: Let's do a quiz with some words to help us talk about today's topic. Choose the best word or words to complete each sentence.
1. If something happens _____, it happens on the internet.
Clear selection
2. Choosing what job you want to do after leaving school is a very _____ decision.
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3. A picture, short film, etc. that tries to make people buy something is called an _____ .
Clear selection
4. My new shoes are more expensive than my old shoes, but they’re also better _____ .
Clear selection
5. A _____ is a short report that describes something gives an opinion about it.
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6. Nike is a famous _____ of running shoes.
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7. That new supermarket sells thousands of different _____ .
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8. To _____ someone to do something means to make someone agree to do it by talking to them or showing them something.
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Task Two: Watch the video and practise answering the questions.
Task Three: Choose the right words to complete the five questions.
1. Which is _____ to you: quality or price? Why?
Answer: Quality is more important because I like well-made things.
2. Do you look at reviews of products online before _____? Why?
Answer: No, I don’t because a lot of them are fake.
3. _____ the best product that you bought last year?
Answer: I bought a new phone.
4. Where _____ you buy it from?
Answer: I bought it from the mall.
5. Why do you like it _____ much?
Answer: I like it because I use it every day.
Task Four: Sam is asking Jennifer some questions about products she buys. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
1. Do you like to buy the same things as you friends or different things? Why?
Clear selection
2. Do adverts persuade you to buy things? Why?
Clear selection
3. What products is Thailand most famous for?
Clear selection
4. What product would you most like to buy now?
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5. What brands do you like the best? Why?
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Task Five: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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