Music Education Interview Survey
Welcome to Music Education at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Before your UNCG Music Education interview, please complete and submit this online survey. To help facilitate your UNCG Music Education Interview, please write as much information about yourself and your experiences as possible by answering all survey questions using complete sentences.

Prior to your arrival on campus, it would be a good idea to ask your music teacher to take you through a mock interview. Feel free to use the questions on this form as you practice the interview with your music teacher. Your answers to the questions below will be used as a foundation for the discussions, which you will have with the UNCG Music Education faculty on the day of your interview/audition. Some characteristics that are associated with qualified candidates for the undergraduate Music Education degree program at UNCG include maintaining eye contact during the interview, being able to clearly express ideas, expressing enthusiasm for entering the Music Education profession, explaining why you believe music education is an important educational area for all children, and describing the attributes of an effective teacher.

Thank you for completing the online survey and for reserving a time to complete the interview and audition for admission to the UNCG Music Education degree program. We are looking forward to meeting you and talking with you on your interview/audition day.
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