Youth Guitar Lessons and Practice
Welcome! Etowah United Methodist Church will begin teaching guitar (acoustic or electric) to beginners and giving practice opportunities to youth who already know the basics. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall at Etowah UMC on Sundays from 3:30-4:30 starting Oct. 7. This is open to 4th-12th grade.

Youth will be allowed to go at their own pace and receive guidance and instruction from adult leaders (see example lessons below). For any youth who already know the basics, we will also have a music circle in which youth will gather with a copy of music and learn to play alongside each other. This is fun way to gain confidence and experience the thrill of playing music with other people, which we believe is the funnest way to learn and also one of the main reason for learning to play. We will play various types of music from hymns, country, bluegrass, some occasional pop and rock songs, and contemporary worship tracks. The level will be from simple to intermediate based off of the skill level of those playing.

Youth are encouraged to have and bring their own instrument so he or she may practice at home. Any youth that does not have an instrument or wants to come and try out the guitar before investing in one, may come and use one of the few we have. Also, if any youth is interested in learning and playing bass guitar and drums, let us know and we may expand our group to include them in the future.

There is no cost for lessons or music practice. The goal for our church in doing this is to help youth learn something fun and new. The leaders will be Kevin Blythe and Will Holt (Etowah UMC's children's and youth director).

Please fill out the form below before attending or call Will Holt at his office at 828-891-4360.

Example Beginner and Intermediate Lessons:
- Tuning the guitar
- How to read a chord diagram
- Work on common chords.
- Switching between chords and muscle memory techniques.
- Rhythms
- Reading music with chords above the words
- Reading tabs
- How to change strings
- How to use a capo
- Playing power chords
- Playing common bar chords
- Recognizing the difference between Major and Minor chords
- Finger picking
- How chords are formed and the circle of fifths
- Scales
- Playing background accompaniment/backup
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