The Last Lifeboat - Actor Auditions
Students interested in auditioning for the fall show need to submit this completed form BEFORE auditions on Tuesday, August 27th at 7am. Please carefully consider any conflicts you may have with morning rehearsals - this list is binding and cannot be modified once casting decisions have been made.
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Previous Performance Experience (vocal, dance, acting, etc)
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The Last Lifeboat has several large roles but many characters in the play do not have significant stage time. Please consider that when indicating below what parts you would be willing to accept. *
Conflicts. Read through the rehearsal calendar (available at and think carefully through all potential conflicts you have with scheduled rehearsals. No additions to this list will be allowed after casting decisions have been made. Missing any required rehearsals will be cause for dismissal. Also, NO conflicts will be allowed for the 2 weeks prior to opening. Your list below should not include any dates after October 3rd. (please list each as DAY/DATE/TIME and WHY you'll be, Sept. 24th, 7am-8:30am, ortho) *
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