Job Application: Seeking Talented, Experienced Part-Time and Full-Time Couples Therapist(s) at Couples Counseling ATL (Group Practice) [FULLY LICENSED, GOTTMAN TRAINED PREFERRED]
Hello! My name is Stephanie Cook, LCSW, and I am the executive director of Couples Counseling ATL, a group counseling practice located in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in providing Gottman method couples counseling, and we are passionate about helping people improve their relationships using research-based therapy.

As Georgia's first certified Gottman therapist and a certified Gottman educator, I regularly provide a couples workshops based on the Gottman research, called "The Seven Principles Program". As our group practice's executive director, I also provide supervision our therapists, and regularly host continuing education events for clinicians in the area that our clinicians are also welcome to participate in.

Our practice has been full for quite some time, and we have three staff members. We are warm and collaborative, and regularly attend continuing education trainings together. We are also planning to begin hosting more continuing education events as a group practice.
We are looking to hire an amazing psychotherapist (preferably fully licensed) as a team member we can grow with. Our two offices are located in the Poncey Highlands neighborhood and the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta (I work mainly from this location). We plan to hire, train, and onboard new clinician(s) over the next 6 months.
If you are 1) at least preliminarily licensed, 2) looking to work at least 20 hours (part-time) or 40 hours (full time), 3) passionate about couples and individual counseling focused on improving relationships, 4) are interested in working both evenings and weekends and 5) know you want to be part of an amazing group practice, please consider applying! Primary consideration will be given to those who are able/interested in working evenings/weekends. We will also give primary consideration to those who have already completed specialized couples therapy training (minimum Gottman level 1 and EFT is a plus). Part time clinicians are expected to see at least 12 - 15 weekly clients per week (includes 2 weeknights and one weekend shift). Full time clinicians are expected to see 20-30 clients weekly (at least 3 weekdays including weeknights and at least one Saturday or Sunday). Those who are able to consistently fill their schedule may be eligible for bonuses.

This position may be a good fit for you if you:
-are licensed in Georgia
-want to be part of a collaborative, supportive group practice
-are passionate about helping couples and adults to improve their relationships (together or alone)
-are interested in seeing clients both in-person as well as online
-are dedicated to continuing education
-are interested in using evidence-based therapeutic modalities (Gottman, EFT)
-are looking to join an already thriving group practice
-want someone else to deal with the operations and running the business side of private practice
-have no interest in your own solo private practice
-want to dedicate yourself to good clinical work, seeing your clients, completing your paperwork, and then leave at the end of your shift (great work/life balance)
-have no interest in setting up your own business, paying taxes, rent, EHR systems, dealing with initial scheduling (we have a virtual assistant)
-have no desire to participate in marketing, finding clients, etc. (I handle all of this)
-ARE open to do some basic marketing, including a video introduction or community networking
--are interested in the possibility of hosting continuing education events, or community workshops
-have experience working with those from diverse populations including those from various cultural, ethnic, racial, socio-economics, sexual-orientations, and Faiths.
-are LGBTQQI-affirming
-believe in feedback-informed therapy techniques, such as using the ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) and SRS (feedback-informed measures for tracking progress), and are willing to use these to enhance your skills and effectiveness.

Thank you, and I look forward to reviewing your application! Apply here:

Stephanie Cook, LCSW
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