Vikas Soch
We at E-CELL, BITS Pilani Hyderabad are organizing ‘Vikas Soch’ as a part of our E-Summit 2017. Vikas Soch provides a platform for social workers and thinkers to showcase their models for the well-being of the society and environment.

Note: - People/Students having ideas for the conservation of environment and ideas that can be of any service to the society, in general, are highly encouraged to participate.

1. At the summit, teams/individuals are required to put forth their model in front
of the jury on 5th March.

2. The idea need not be for profit model but it should be a revenue generating
self-sustaining idea. The revenue generated should cover the operating cost i.e.,
no perpetual capital investment should be required. However one time investment can
be done.

3. The ideas targeting socially backward classes should focus on community
development and make the community a part of the process.

1. Participation can be done on an individual basis or in a team of up to 5
2. Teams/Individuals should register themselves online.
3. You can select any one of the category mentioned in the form or provide any
other of your choice. However we reserve the right to reject any other category
provided if we do not find it appropriate for the competition.
4. The ideas can also be a for Profit- model however profits will not be a judging
5. Unoriginal ideas will be rejected immediately.
6. The ideas should be feasible for implementation in real world.
7. There is no separate time limit for each part but the total presentation must not
exceed 15 minutes.(Refer to the flow of the event)
8. Marks will be deducted for crossing the time limit.
9. Teams from well-established start-ups/organizations are not allowed to
10. The final authority regarding any decision rests in the hand of organizers.
11. The decision of the jury will be final and binding on participants.
1. Each team will be asked to present their model in front of the jury and other
teams within a time limit of 15 mins on 5th March.

2. The presentation must contain the following three parts.
1. Explain about the issue in detail and why it needs to be addressed.
2. Explain your working methodology in detail.
3. Explain how your idea is sustainable and how it is different from those
already present.

3. Presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where jury and other participants
will point out the flaws in the model and you are required to counter them effectively
and defend your model.

1. Prices worth Rs 20,000 will be given to the winners.
2. A chance to pitch their idea in front of investors and NGOs.

Networking session with judges, speakers, mentors and other attendees will be
open to all participants.

1. Self-Sustainability of the model.
2. Feasibility of the model.
3. Innovation.
4. Q&A session.
5. Understanding of the Idea.
6. Presentation skills.
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