Students' Errors in English Language
Dear Supervisor, Teacher,
This survey aims to identify Saudi students' errors in English language. An error is a systemic deviance that is committed unintentionally and cannot be self-corrected due to learners' ignorance.To shape error definition; there should be a clear distinction between an error and the concept of a mistake. Errors signify an imperfect or incomplete learning of language use be it of a word, a certain grammatical item or a speech act .On the other hand, mistakes represent a failure to utilize a known system correctly. They reflect occasional lapses in performance, such as confusion or slips of the tongue, in which the learner is unable to perform what s/he knows.
The following form is divided into two parts: the first one focuses on the taxonomy of errors , their frequency and examples of each taxonomy. The second part is about the frequency of errors in the linguistic content of 9th Grade .
Kindly, answer the following survey to the best of your knowledge.
Thank you for responding.
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