Local-Discovery App - prototype designs
Would love your feedback on the designs of my local-discovery platform! - you can sign up for the beta here www.postworldapp.com

Ever wondered, "What is going on in my city, right now?" If yes, then with your honest feedback below you can help me build an answer to that question.

Postworld aims to be the ultimate app for discovering your local scene. Using your geo-location, we deliver you conversations, events, food, promos, and more happening all around you. Utilizing a social feed, and introducing an interactive social map, we help you find things in an easier, more fun way. All powered by you and your community.

If Yik Yak and Yelp had a baby, it would be Postworld. Read along below and thank you in advance!

What is your role or position?
Do you go out often? Bars, restaurants, events etc.
If you go out, which platforms do you use, if any, to find stuff locally?
Main feed view - after logging in
Your opinion on this first view?
When you select the search icon, you get this view of curated local categories. Events, food and drink, arts, and promotions.
Opinion of this view? The various categories to choose from?
Any other feedback on these two views? Any categories you would like to see?
Your answer
Selecting the globe icon in the top right, brings you to the map view. Here you can see all that same content, but on a quick map view. You can also curate the categories in this view.
Opinion of the map view?
This interactive map concept, where you can share and discover things, is kinda new. Any other feedback you would add?
Your answer
This feed view shows you some more varied content types, namely text, events, and promotions.
What do you think of this mix of content?
Well, that's the concept. We are still in design mode, so any feedback or things you like or would change is greatly beneficial. Anything else you want to add?
Your answer
Could you see yourself installing this app?
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