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Thank you for showing interest in joining YouSchool!

We are thrilled to get to know you a bit better, in order to get to know you better and match you with the right type of students we would kindly ask you to fill out the forms below.

There are 5 forms which can be taken independently of each other and when it suits you.

Please note there are no right or wrong answers. These tests together with interviews and your request are the basis for matching you with the right students increasing the probability for great results :)

After each form you will receive an email with the link to the next form. You will also find all the links to all the forms here:

1st form (5 min) is just for us to gather information of who you are and what you have done previously.

2nd form (10 min) is a "Myers Brigg" personality type test.

3rd form (10 min) is a "Big 5 OCEAN" test.

4th form (10 min) is "DISC" test.

5th form (10 min) is "Team Role" test

6th form (20 min) how do you teach

7th form (5 min) Tech-check

8th form (5 min) Address

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!

Kind regards
Team YouSchool
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