Pricing Survey for IECs
Establishing an effective pricing model is one of the most important tasks that an independent college consultant will face. Rightfully so, it is oftentimes the area consultants struggle over the most when getting started, left with countless questions and very few resources to turn to. The goal of this survey is to collect detailed, anonymous data from CollegePlannerPro members to be analyzed and shared within the community. We hope to shed light on the world of pricing IEC services, and we thank you in advance for your contribution!

*Information collected in this survey will be presented for informational and historical purposes only and not meant to encourage readers to set prices in restraint of trade or in violation of any laws.

General Information About Practice
To the best of your ability, please answer the following questions about your practice. These answers will be used to provide context for the subsequent information you provide. With that in mind, please provide the best answer possible when no exact fit is available.
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