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I know we ask A LOT of questions. This is to help us do the best setup possible. Thank you!!!
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Did you pay for your order or did someone else? If you paid for your order via Paypal, what is the name on your Paypal account? If it's a company name or a spouse's name, please let me know what name I will see in Paypal for your order. *
If you are a SOLO agent, please skip this question. >>>> If you are on a TEAM, please tell us more about your team structure. Domestic team? Self organized team? Standard team? Are you the team leader? If not, who's team are you on? Do you use a kvCore team platform or individual account? What else should we know about the team in regards to branding and with kvCore?
If you a member of only one MLS, skip this question. >>>> If you are a member of more than one you have an additional MLS website you are paying for with kvCore? Did you purchase an additional website set up with our service for this second MLS? Please explain any details here.
Your kvCore dashboard username *
>>>> (STOP!!! This will be an email address. PLEASE BE SURE To confirm your login details before you provide this!!!)
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What email address do you want to promote as your primary BUSINESS email address for this kvCore account? *
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Number to promote on your website as the phone number for your business. *
(The number you want to ensure shows as the primary number on your website. If you are paying for your own personal smart number, we recommend you use that one. If you are not paying for your own personal smart number with kvCore... DO NOT use the share smart number your office is assigned.)
Is the number you provided above your own personal Agent Smart Number that you are paying an extra $27 a month for from kvCore? *
What phone number do you want to be identified as your "cell number" in the kvCore system. *
NOTES for eXp Agents: At this time, kvCore will only allow your individual kvCore account/primary domain to be connected to one MLS. and you are a member of more than one MLS -- then you
Primary kvCore Domain URL we are setting up for you: (Example:
If you have multiple kvCore domains associated with your account, please tell us the PRIMARY domain -- or the one we are specifically setting up for you. If you don't know what your kvCore website domain is, please say so here. Please check that you have opted in for your kvCore website with your brokerage and have received your login credentials.
Are you forwarding a own branded domain to your kvCore website? *
If you said "yes" to forwarding your branded domain. What is that domain?
Your MLS ID - This is usually your USERNAME you use to login to your MLS. *
(If you are a member of multiple MLSs, you may add each MLS ID here, separated by commas.)
Is your bio already on your kvCore Website? If so, you can skip this question. If not, please copy & paste your bio here. If you don't have one, tell us about yourself in bullet points and we will write one for you!
PLEASE NOTE >>>>>Your bio only needs to be a couple short paragraphs, with the most important summary in the first couple of sentences. Longer bios will be turned into an additional custom page. If you don't have this yet and would like to send it to us, please email it to
Have you updated all of your social media & real estate-related account profiles -- such as your Facebook, Instagram, Zillow,, Yelp, Nextdoor, etc? *
Do these profiles reflect your most current professional & contact information? i.e. Brokered by eXp Realty -- or whatever brokerage you're with -- your kvCore website or a branded domain you are forwarding to your kvCore?
Do you need a signature added to your kvCore Agent Profile? *
Captionless Image
NOTE #1 ABOUT SIGNATURES - You can go to the website and create a signature for FREE that looks like the following to add to the signature in you own email client and also your kvcore Agent Profile.
NOTE #2 ABOUT SIGNATURES - If you're in eXp, you can go to and create an image signature for FREE that looks like the following to add to the signature in you own email client and also your kvcore Agent Profile. (A NOTE OF CAUTION - signatures with images don't automatically allow images to display in their email clients. In addition, it's not easy for people to click on the image to call you, like it is with text -- so I recommend using text-based signatures.)
What business mailing address would you like to use? *
>>> IF YOU PROVIDE THIS, we will ensure it's on your agent signature on your kvCore profile AND we will ensure it's added on the footer of your kvCore website as an "agent address". You can use a P.O. Box or a branch office address.
NEXT STEP: Social Media Links
1. Please only provide the following if >>>
a) they are not already added to your kvCore agent profile
b) you want them displayed on your kvCore website
c) you want us to add these corrected or updated links

2. Be sure to provide the complete/full URL link to your social media profiles -- and not just the usernames.

3. If you don't have these can easily add them to your kvcore account later.
Facebook Business Page URL
Instagram URL
Youtube Channel URL
Linkedin URL
Pinterest URL
REGION YOU SERVE: Describe the area or region that is your specialty. For example, mine is "West Michigan." Here are some other examples: Metro Detroit, Downriver, Southeast Grand Rapids, MetroWest Massachusetts, Northeast Cincinnati, The Triangle, etc. *
(STOP!!! >>>>>>> PLEASE do NOT list several counties or areas...instead, describe the entire region you serve.)
Do you use a tagline in your branding and marketing? If so, what is it?
Please list up to 10 cities/towns AND 10 zipcodes you want to focus on - starting with primary first. *
PLEASE NOTE >>> If you ordered more than one MLS setup with us, then you can note 10 cities AND 10 zipcodes for EACH MLS -- i.e. Florida: 10 cities / Ohio: 10 Cities.
Please list up 2 counties you most want to focus on - starting with primary first. *
PLEASE NOTE >>> If you ordered more than one MLS setup with us, then you can note 2 counties for EACH MLS -- i.e. Florida: 2 counties / Ohio: 2 counties.
What city/town do you most want to business in? i.e. Listings, Open Houses. *
You can add one city for each MLS set up we are doing for you
What's your niche? Describe the type of clients you work with or want to work with. What is their price range? Where do your ideal clients want to buy or sell? *
What types of lead-generating links sound most interesting for your area/niche? Check all that apply. *
If you're an eXp agent in the US, please provide your Utility Connect full URL. We will add this link as a custom page on your kvCore website. IF you are in Canada, put a different link here you would like to have as a custom page....or email us at
>>>Activate your free agent branded Utility Connect website at If you create this URL, don't forget to update your Utility Connect profile with your photo. If you don't do this step, we do it for you.
If you are not with eXp Realty and/or do not have a Utility Connect website, you may provide a different URL you would like to have for a custom page, such as your Zillow profile, your credit repair business, etc.
Youtube URL link to your real estate introduction video, if you have one. If you do have one, we will add it as an additional custom page, along with your bio.
Headshot or Avatar for your agent profile *
If your headshot is not already on your kvCore website, please email it to me at
A Note About Background Images
By default, kvCore includes some of their stock default photos for your site's background images. However, they aren't great photos. We will be changing these images out for you. Here are your choices:

1. You can provide us with the background photos you would like to use. If you have high resolution listing photos, that could be a good option.

2. We have a selection of images for you to choose from -- choose up to four. View them here -

3. If you don't have your own photos and don't like the choices we offer, you can go to -- and type in the search your city, or a description of a landscape, or "home interior", "real estate", etc... to find images you like. Then, you can provide me with up to four links.

4. kvCore allows the ability to use a video for your background image. I, personally, do not like this feature. The reason I don't like it is because it takes your kvCore site longer to load... making the site slower. However, if you absolutely MUST have a video for your background, you simply need to provide a youtube video URL.
Background Images for your website: *
If you'd like, we can add high-resolution images to your kvCore website background. If you have professional listing photos you'd like to include, you may send them to us. These photos should be high quality and at least 1600 px wide and 600 px tal. Share with me by emailing them to If they are too large, email me a Dropbox or Google Drive link I can access.
How to find & share your photo selection at
To select your background image choices from our selection, use the link to view the folder - -- OR -- go to to choose.
Choose up to four photos and provide photo names, i.e. Exterior3 or Kitchen6, etc. OR, provide unsplash photo links. (If you don't specify any here, we will choose them for you -- If you want a youtube video for your background photo, you may add the link here. P.S. We don't recommend using video backgrounds.)
CALIFORNIA AGENT: If you are a California agent and we are setting up a domain to promote in California, what is your agent DRE # ?
TEXAS AGENT: If you are promoting your website in Texas, you are required to have your correct disclaimers on your website and signature -- including the Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice & Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Service. >>> BY DEFAULT: kvCore will add a generic IABS to the footer of your website, but it needs to be updated. >>> NOT A SERVICE WE PROVIDE: Here is a training video for you to be able to update yours. We also send this to you on your reference guide to your completed setup.
Anything else I should know? Other comments, questions or concerns?
CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING: Please read each statement and check each box to acknowledge. *
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