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References: Please list the name, email and phone number of three individuals who know you well enough to judge your character, motivation and work ethic. At least one must be former or current pastor/church leader. Briefly mention their relationship to you. *
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Self Evaluation: Please indicate where the continuum you are on by marking an X where you find yourself situated most often. *
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I prefer group work
I prefer independent work
I seek interaction with people.
I like to experiment with new projects often.
I like to keep to myself
I like to have consistent routine.
I like to carry out tasks.
I like to initiate projects.
I excel with more supervision.
I process things internally.
I bring a high level of energy to social settings.
I am comfortable speaking publicly. 
I prefer a flexible schedule. 
Please explain anything that you believe needs further clarification from the above questions...
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I affirm that the information I have written is true. I understand that it will be used in dialogue with me and others in considering future employment. I authorize Mosaic Christian Community to explore this information, my work history and qualifications, and any other information considered relevant, including but not limited to my general character and family relationships. I release Mosaic Christian Community and its representatives, from all liability arising from making inquiries, providing the information or deciding about future assignments as a result of this information. *
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