Coaching Client Application - Karen Wilson
If you are ready to get focussed on your wellness while working towards your big long term projects and goals with guidance from me, complete this application so that I can get to know you better and see if working together will be the perfect fit!
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Please acknowledge the following to continue: Yes, I want to partner with you and gain access to your coaching, mentoring, and guidance to create your customized wellness plan. I understand that you will use this application as an initial assessment of whether working together is a good fit for both of us and that you will let me know within 7 business days whether I've been selected to participate in your coaching program.
Describe your current wellness plan or something that has worked well for you in the past *
Describe a typical day in your life. Please include wakeup time, obligations like work hours, family, etc, meal times, planned exercise, what you do for leisure, and bedtime. *
Do you have a morning routine? If yes, please describe *
If money was not an object what would you do more of or start doing? *
If time was not limited what would you do more of or start doing? *
What is your #1 Roadblock that you're hoping I can help you with?
Is there any particular reason behind wanting to work with me specifically?
What are the three biggest outcomes you'd like to make happen by working with me?
My coaching packages range from $800-$2400. If you believe working with me is the key to achieving the outcomes you stated above, are you comfortable with an investment in that range?
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