Student Survey For Local Control Accountability Plan (2019-20 for 2020-21)
I am a student enrolled in the following school: *
I feel welcomed at my school. *
I know what my school's expectations are. *
I can meet with my principal by phone, email or appointment.
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It is easy for me to communicate with my teacher(s) or school staff by phone, email or appointment. *
I feel staff at my school takes behavioral, academic, social and student concerns/questions seriously. *
The English Language Arts Program, Math Program and all other subject areas are challenging and support my learning. *
I believe that all students in my school including students with Special Needs, English Learners and Gifted Students are receiving equal access to all content areas. *
I receive additional support when I am struggling academically. *
I have access to technology at home to support me with my homework. *
I have access to technology in the classroom to support me with my classwork. *
I feel safe in the class and on campus. *
There are resources at my school to support my social and emotional needs (i.e. counseling). *
I am aware of the rules of behavior, consequences and procedures at my school. *
I am provided with opportunities to participate in enrichment or extra curricular activities at my school. *
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